• Spring Happy Hour Mixer

    Welcome back from spring break and reception for Sacramento’s newest reporters

    Thanks to everyone who joined us for the Sacramento Press Club spring happy hour mixer to welcome the latest additions to the capital city’s press corps. Special thanks to our party partners – the California Medical Association, Edelman, Comcast and Lucas Public Affairs. And, of course, thanks to Capital Dime for hosting us in their courtyard.


    Capital Dime

    1801 L St Sacramento, CA 95811

    (Patio in the back of the restaurant)

  • San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed

    The Sacramento Press Club welcomed
    San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed

    San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed has been in the headlines lately for his proposed pension reform initiative that would allow local governments to negotiate changes to government employees’ retirement benefits. Reed sued Attorney General Kamala Harris, a fellow Democrat, over the title and summary she assigned to the initiative, but a judge upheld it, making it unlikely that Reed’s initiative will qualify for the ballot this year. Still, the second-term mayor says he and the other mayors who support the initiative are not giving up on their efforts to scale back public employee pensions. Photos courtesy of Phil Kampel.

  • Gubernatorial candidate Neel Kashkari

    On Thursday, March 6th

    Neel Kashkari faces a tall order this election year. A relative newcomer on the California political scene, Kashkari announced in January that he will challenge Gov. Jerry Brown. Best known for running the U.S. Treasury Department’s Troubled Asset Relief Program when the financial crisis struck in 2008, Kashkari is running partly on his experience operating that program, in which he brought together Republican and Democratic lawmakers to write and pass landmark legislation. An Ohio native, Kashkari earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees in engineering at the University of Illinois and worked in the aerospace engineering industry before opting to join the world of finance, earning an MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. He has spent the better part of the last year touring the state and meeting with people as he explored a bid for public office.

  • Senate President pro Tem Darrell Steinberg

    Since his ascension to the post of Senate President Pro Tempore in 2008, Darrell Steinberg has overseen California’s upper chamber during some of the toughest economic times in modern history, while advocating for causes he cares about such as mental health. He was honored with the John F Kennedy Profile in Courage award by the Kennedy Library Foundation for his leadership in bipartisan budget negotiations that helped close California’s massive budget deficit. As he enters his final year in the California Senate, Steinberg will oversee a vigorous debate over how the state should spend its new surplus, including his efforts to push for expanded kindergarten programs. If you missed the luncheon click here to see coverage of the event.

  • Former Congressman and Department of Finance Director Tom Campbell

    You may have health care coverage, but where will you get medical treatment?

    Nonprofit hospitals provide the majority of all hospital services in California, and they are working overtime to increase access as a result of the Affordable Care Act. But what happens if government prescribes additional mandates? Former Congressman and Director of the California Department of Finance Tom Campbell discussed his latest research detailing the consequences of potential new state requirements on nonprofit hospitals and the millions of patients they serve.

  • January 2014 Documentary Screening

    The Sacramento Press Club presented a special screening of the documentary:


    While debate rages on Capitol Hill over the legal and economic impact of immigration reforms, this FRONTLINE/Univision documentary focuses on the human side of the issue: how female farm workers fall prey to their field bosses and co-workers- and dare not denounce their attackers. Otherwise, they run the very real risk that they’ll lose their jobs or be deported.

    The Crest Theater, 1013 K St. Sacramento, CA

  • A Public Safety Realignment Panel

    Two years after Public Safety Realignment became law, counties continue to adjust to the responsibility of managing more people in their local justice systems. Meanwhile, the state is under court order to make further reductions to its prison population. Under such pressure, how can California reverse the decades-old trend of high incarceration and recidivism rates?

    Local, state and national experts shared their perspectives on the most effective methods to protect public safety.

    Our panel discussion featured:

    •    Lenore Anderson, Executive Director, Californians for Safety and Justice
    •    Bill Brown, Santa Barbara County Sheriff
    •    Nina Salarno Ashford, Crime Victims United
    •    Michele Scray Brown, Chief Probation Officer of San Bernardino County

  • The Future of Journalism – New Models for Newsrooms

    Over the past decade, the Sacramento press corp has lost dozens of journalists from traditional media outlets, but the Capitol remains one of the most vibrant places outside of Washington D.C. for political intrigue and groundbreaking policy debates. With printed newspapers in decline, what’s the best way to engage the people of California in stories that matter most? The audience is hungry for news about this dynamic state, but they are dispersed to a thousand places.

    Top media experts, Capital Public Radio’s Director of News and Information Joe Barr and the Center for Investigative Reporting’s Managing Editor Robert Salladay, are harnessing multimedia, animation, community projects, social media campaigns, even spoken-word poetry and stage plays based on journalism. Insight’s Beth Ruyak moderated the discussion about the need for strong innovation, community building, and audience engagement to create vitality in journalism across the state.

  • Sacramento Downtown Arena Debate

    All of Sacramento anxiously waited this spring to hear whether the NBA would approve a sale of the Sacramento Kings to a coalition of owners who promised to keep the team in town. Key to that successful effort led by Mayor Kevin Johnson was the city’s promise of a new sports complex for the team. As plans proceed, a group calling itself STOP, or Sacramento Taxpayers Opposed to Pork, is mounting a campaign to put the arena plan before voters.

    On Thursday, Aug. 22 the Sacramento Press Club hosted a debate about the proposed downtown arena. The discussion was moderated by Sacramento Bee reporter Ryan Lillis.

    Joshua Wood represented proponents of the new entertainment and sports complex. Wood is executive director of Region Builders, a commercial building industry trade association that launched DowntownArena.Org in July. The coalition of business, labor and civic groups is backing the project.

    Tab Berg, founder and president of TABcommunications Inc., a political and public relations firm, represented an informal coalition now circulating a petition that would put the use of taxpayer funds for the arena before voters.

  • Speaker of the California State Assembly John A. Pérez

    For the first time in a long time, the governor’s May revision of the budget is not foreshadowed by questions about how much the deficit has grown, but instead how big the surplus will be.

    That additional money gives lawmakers and the governor the opportunity to wrangle over restoring cuts to programs or making other major policy decisions that have been put off in previous years.

    At the center of the debate will be Assembly Speaker John A. Pérez, D-Los Angeles, our guest speaker at the May 8th luncheon. Speaker Pérez laid out his framework for a budget in a power point presentation titled “Blueprint for a Responsible Budget”. More photos and more information on the Speaker’s presenation coming soon. Photos below courtesy of the Assembly Democratic Caucus.

    The other highlight of the May 8th luncheon was the awarding of $34-thousand dollars in journalism scholarships. Congratulations to Matthew Blackburn, Brian Nguyen, Jennifer Chausee, Madeleine Thomas, Valerie Smith, Brittany Patterson and Julie Brown. Read more about them on our Scholarships page. More photos coming soon.

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