• Kevin de León- Senate President pro Tempore

    Kevin de León took over as Senate President pro Tempore in December, capping eight years in the Legislature where he has championed education, environmental protection, and public safety. A few of his many legislative accomplishments include a compromise he helped broker to ban single-use plastic bags, creation of the country’s first “yes means yes” policy for sexual assaults on college campuses, creation of a retirement savings program for low-income workers, and a first-ever law protecting parents from losing parental rights because of their immigration status.

    Senator de León has given us a few hints about his agenda for 2015 already, announcing in December that he will introduce a bill requiring the state’s two pension funds to divest from coal-producing companies. We heard more about his plans as he spoke to the Sacramento Press Club luncheon on January 29th.

    De León was the first member of his family to graduate from high school. He graduated with honors from Pitzer College, and worked as a teacher and community organizer before being elected to the Assembly in 2006. He is the first Latino to serve as Senate President pro Tempore in 130 years.

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