• May 2014 CIR State of Surveillance

    On Tuesday, May 27th the Sacramento Press Club and The Center for Investigative Reporting presented

    The State of Surveillance

    With much of the world’s attention focused on the NSA and the trove of leaks provided by Edward Snowden, a much quieter revolution is happening across the country. In California, law enforcement agencies are enthusiastically embracing a variety of tools to collect metadata on everyone they can. The tools – which range from automated license-plate readers to facial recognition to social media monitoring systems – greatly expand the data and databases officers have at their fingertips. Law enforcement agencies say many of the technologies are already making it easier to solve – and in some cases prevent – crimes. But privacy advocates argue that these expanded databases are becoming dragnets increasingly populated with information about law-abiding citizens.

    After viewing  The State of Surveillance, a short documentary produced by The Center for Investigative Reporting, our panelists discussed what all of this means for you.

    Jennifer Lynch, senior staff attorney, Electronic Frontier Foundation

    Andrew Becker, The Center for Investigative Reporting

    Robert Salladay, The Center for Investigative Reporting

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