• The Future of Journalism – New Models for Newsrooms

    Over the past decade, the Sacramento press corp has lost dozens of journalists from traditional media outlets, but the Capitol remains one of the most vibrant places outside of Washington D.C. for political intrigue and groundbreaking policy debates. With printed newspapers in decline, what’s the best way to engage the people of California in stories that matter most? The audience is hungry for news about this dynamic state, but they are dispersed to a thousand places.

    Top media experts, Capital Public Radio’s Director of News and Information Joe Barr and the Center for Investigative Reporting’s Managing Editor┬áRobert Salladay, are harnessing multimedia, animation, community projects, social media campaigns, even spoken-word poetry and stage plays based on journalism. Insight’s Beth Ruyak moderated the discussion about the need for strong innovation, community building, and audience engagement to create vitality in journalism across the state.

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